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Sun March 04 2018

South Africa 1999

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2 weeks with Irene

Driving a car from Cape Town around South Africas wester coast via Port Elizabeth, East London and Pietermaritzburg to Johannesburg then further north via Pretoria into Kruger National Parkand and there-after south via Swasiland to Durban. Yes we did some kilometres but how else can you get a sence of what South Africa is like. To inhale it fully I will return and bring more time.


leopard Jackals on hunt Jackal Lion Monkey with Baby underneath 2 Zebras on road

Near Kruger

Waterfall somwhere west of Kruger Gumboots


Wildcoast Walking the wildcoast for a day. A feeling creeps up of what I may want to do a lot more.

2 boys 3 boys boy boy with stick Bizarre trees bizarre trees Wildcoast sea Irene and group

www.thisfabtrek.com > life-before > south-africa-1999

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