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Vienna, I delivered. I resigned.

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"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo.

"What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it, to tell the tale." Living to Tell the Tale - Gabriel García Márquez.

"They never taught wandering in any school I attended. ... they never taught the art of writing a book, either. It's all so mysterious."
"Wandering is an art in itself. Wandering and writing don't mix"
"Writing demands commitment and if one thing your wanderer is allergic to is that very quality of commitment, for once one is committed he runs that very risk of failure ..." Wanderer - Sterling Hayden.

"Photography enables you to grasp a place first time round. ... Photography is a means of exploration, it's a vital part of travel, almost as essential as a car or a plane. " - Wim Wenders.

"The worst prejudice we acquire during our youth is the idea that life is serious. Children have the right instincts: they know that life is not serious, and treat it as a game..." , Egon Friedell.

"How far you gonna go. Before you lose your way back home" - Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World, Achtung Baby, U2.

"If you want to be a hero well just follow me." - Working Class Hero, John Lennon.

"When I think of all the things I have done, I know that it's only just begun." - I love you, Lou Reed.

"One does not escape the Sahara - the Sahara let's you go or not" - Touareg.

"Planet earth is blue and there`s nothing I can do" - This is Ground Control to Major Tom, David Bowie.

"Glory for the crazy people/in this stupid world" - Ahmed Fouad Negm. > journey > europe > austria > 20040503-vienna

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I resigned today. But now the real work, preparing for day X, when I leave Vienna for a long time, is about to begin. But first get that Outlook going to dispatch the joyous message to all the people, current and former friends and work colleagues.

Testing my GPS

Map of Austria
Click to enlarge.

A tour I have taken to my Land Rover garage south of Vienna, and to Podersdorf on Lake Neusiedel.

This is what it should look like later.


Map of Austria
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Later I would convert the maps to something like this.

Map of Austria
Click to enlarge.

Or something like this.

Or even later using google maps to something like this. > journey > europe > austria > 20040503-vienna

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