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Sun March 04 2018

Other vehicles used over the years.

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The Landy

6 wheeled Land Rover in Morocco, M'Hamid to Foum Z'Guid
In Morocco, M'hamid to Foum Zguid

is covered here; Apart I use many other vehicles, sometimes just to get back to where the Land Rover is, sometimes for journeys in other parts of the world ...

Apart from the Landy

Volkswagen, T4.

Always wanted to have VW-bus.
A new van, a VW T4.

Ever since, from June 2013, the last of the many vans I had and loved.

G20 Gladiator, Chevrolet van.

Cordillera Blanca, Peru, the dirty Chevy Gladiator G20 van and my boys.
My boys and the van.

From Seattle to Valdivia in Chile, Oct10 to Feb13, 66,656kms on the Americas journey. Then it died like a cowboy standing in his boots and I took up the career of a backpacker.

MB 307, to Morocco, to Egypt, to the North Cape and down to Mali.

Spectacular 75,648 km.

Summer 2008, From Graz to Casablanca and back, August 2009 till April 2010 to the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and more, for 9 months), May to August 2010 with my twin boys to the Nordkapp, Norway and back, eventually Jan 2011 Vienna south to Bamako.

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MB 209 for the 4th descent Back Down South to Bamako

209 Hamburg to Bamako.

Summer 2008, Bought it in Hamburg, Led me back to Bamako in Dec 2008.


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MB 307 for the 3rd descent Back Down South to Bamako

Solid with lots of living room inside.

Apr to Sep 2007, first travelling with the twins 3 month Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, then on my own further on to Mauritania and Mali.


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Hyundai Galloper, 2nd descent Back Down South to Bamako.

Hyundai on first cold but still shiny bright October day in Vienna.
Hyundai Galopper.

Oct and Nov 2006. Vienna to Nouakchott to Bamako. 8,588kms.

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MB 207, 1st descent Back Down South to Bamako.

MB207 in Mali past Nioro du Sahel.
Already in Mali past Nioro du Sahel.

May to July 2006. Vienna to Morocco. And Morocco to Bamako. 12,242km.

Its durability makes the Mercedes Benz 207 the ultimate African van. After the journey I understand why they love them there so much.

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The Audi80 travel to and from the UK.

Audi 80 in Switzerland, on way to the UK.
In Switzerland.

Nov 2004. This is mostly covered here. 4,411km.

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